Car Washing and Direct Mail Marketing Discussed

One of the most common ways that carwash owners like to advertise their business in their local communities is to use direct mail marketing advertising in those little coupon booklets that are sent out. These work very good however, there are few things that you should consider.

First, you do not want to give away too much of a discount and then have all those people show up on a busy Saturday when you are already slammed with customers. Instead you want to make an offer where they have to come on a Monday to stare Wednesday to receive a discount. If the booklet of coupons comes to the home on a Thursday this is not so great for your business. But if it is delivered on a Monday with a big coupon discount, only to be used on Mon-Wed then this could be quite good.

Additionally, if the forecast is for heavy rains and you give away too much of a discount then the rain will stop and all of a sudden everyone will show up and want a carwash and the people who received a direct-mail marketing coupons will also show up at the same time and that is exactly what you do not want; more business.

I have talked to some carwash owners who at the last minute will pull their coupons in the coupon book because there is a huge forecast for rain the day they will be delivered and that means as soon as the weather clears everyone will be at their carwash anyway and therefore the coupon will not help their business only make matters worse because there will be too much business all at the same time. Please consider all this in 2006.

Database Marketing Management

Successful Database Marketing campaigns are designed using the correct focus on three of the most important main elements. First and foremost is the database involved. Also significant is the proper type of communication used. Finally, establishing a clear and measurable action step is required.

The quality of the list used in any marketing campaign is crucial. Data is easy to find. Quality data is much more difficult to locate. The old adage “garbage in, garbage out”, applies directly to the results of a program where the initial quality of the database in inferior. With so much consumer and/or business lead information available on the market, it is important to take the time and expense if needed, to compile the best list of leads to fit the type of campaign you are working on. Remember, a good list takes time to develop. There must be a constant concerted effort to maintain updated current information with a focus on quality over quantity. A fine tuned database is worth its weight in GOLD.

Given the current state of government involvement in consumer marketing, choosing the proper type of communication is imperative. While direct mail pieces are very economical, their success rates can usually be measured in the low single digits. The use of promotional products can dramatically increase the impact of most marketing packages. From kitchen trinkets to refrigerator magnets, the cost of these inserts are minimal. In some cases the trinkets can be less than the cost of 1st class postage.

It’s important to establish a measurable way to tell if a marketing campaign is working. Having a goal for the program is vital. More importantly is being able to tell if you have reached your numbers. Many business persons complain that they didn’t get anything off their last marketing campaign. Yet, when questioned, they usually aren’t sure of exactly what goal the campaign was trying to achieve. Whether it’s calling in on a toll free number or logging onto a website, make sure there is a specific measurable action step required for the prospects that were prompted to act by your marketing piece.

Marketing is a never ending process. Businesses that maintain a high quality database will be rewarded by a continued growth in their sales. The use of the proper communication vehicle that contains a measurable action step will allow for the constant adjustments that are required for any successful database marketing programs.

Mark Filardi has worked helping other business grow using database management for over 25 years.

The most successful campaigns have utilized promotional products. []

Trade shows, direct mail campaigns and business handouts can be more effective by using “Trinkets”

Promotional Marketing and Advertising Products to Capture the Imagination

“Pop-Up Mailers” are a style of promotional marketing and advertising products that really capture the imagination. This type of product is most often used in Business-to-Business direct marketing campaigns. Each product has a high degree of user-interaction, which is designed to hold the attention of your customers. The interaction might be in the form of an automatic pop-up action or it could be manual interaction. The whole point is the capture the imagination of the user for sufficient time for your advertising or marketing message to make its point.

Pop-Up Mailers offer a lot of Advertising and Marketing Ideas

One of the biggest challenges faced by advertising and marketing professionals is how to present their product or service in a new and creative way. Pop-up Mailers offer many advertising and marketing ideas such as products that grow or change or turn or it could be the elements of fun and surprise offered by the automatic pop-ups that does the trick.

Interactive Promotional Products produce great results in B2B Direct Mail and Direct Marketing

Many millions of items of Business-to-business direct mail go straight into the bin without ever being read and this is something that direct marketing professionals should try to avoid at all costs. A direct mail pack or envelope should look interesting and be made to stand out in the stack of business mail that arrives on your customer’s desk each morning. The contents should capture and hold your customer’s attention for as long as possible and once your marketing message has made its point, wouldn’t it be great if your mailer was passed around your customer’s office and then be kept on his desk for months. All of this is possible with pop-up mailers.

The Mailing Pack Catches the Eye, the Pop-Up grabs Attention, the Pen Holder is used for Months

Take the example of a simple Pop-up Cube. The mailing pack is neat, it is chunky and it creates curiosity in the mind of your customer. When the customer opens the pack, out jumps the Pop-Up Cube to create fun and surprise. Your customer will handle it over and over again and will also show it to colleagues. However, if you add holes to one surface of the cube it is transformed into a pen-holder and will sit on your customer’s desk for months.

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