Coupon Marketing And How To Use It To Boost Your Sales

The use of coupons in business is becoming more and more prevalent and important to a business owner’s success. With a coupon, you give your prospects and customers power. You give them the ability to choose what they want, all at a great price. So if you’re not using coupons in your business to market it today, then I highly suggest that you start doing so now.

Coupon marketing has been around for a long time now, and if you haven’t been doing any coupon marketing of your own, you’ve left a ton of profits lying on the table. The bottom line is that coupons can make you very profitable if you allow it to. I would send out a coupon mailer once a month just keep your past customers in the loop about your great items.

There are all kinds of coupon deals that you could be making. You could be offering “buy 1 get 1 free”, “buy 1 get 1 half off”, “buy 3 items get the fourth one free”, and so on. All of these ideas should get you on the right path towards making sure you’re offering the right items, at exactly the right price.

Now price is an issue too. You don’t want to offer a coupon deal, but all of the product prices remain the same. In your coupon, make it clear that this is a deal with a lower price. You may even want to offer a before and after price. So show a comparison to what they would pay for this deal into the store, as opposed to you using this coupon to save them money in the process. Are you catching my drift here?

Like I said I like coupons, but you just have to make them work for you in the right conditions. Check your prices and see if you can still make a nice profit by running the coupon. You may even want to consider offering a special deal in the newspaper that would bring a ton of people to your place of business.

I can remember this one restaurant in my area had a special deal going on where if you bought some food, keep your receipt because you can get the same meal again within a 2-week period for free. Needless to say, this restaurant was FLOODED with business. By the time I got there, I had to part across the road because there were just so many people at this restaurant. Maybe you should try the same thing your business also, and use your coupons as a prime motivator behind it.

No matter what you do, coupons are always great to work with. You can easily get sales, and you can easily attract people to your business for a low marketing price. Make sure your coupons are unique in their own way, and that they can help you to boost sales.

The more you put this technique to use in your business, the more money you will make immediately.

Good luck with using these coupon tips to improve your sales and profits.

Direct Sales Marketing Training – How to Sky Rocket Direct Sales Profits by 50% With Two Simple Word

A number of days ago I received a call from a prospective client who had been prospected into a travel business while at the grocery store. Intrigued by the concept and spurred on by her love for travel she quickly enrolled. She did the usual 48 hour follow up with her upline where they 3-wayed a number of people. After a few hours of this they parted ways. Her uplines admonition was to enroll at least 1000 people per year, because come December 31st, of the 1000 she enrolled, only 300 will survive.

One of the Deadliest Mistakes many direct sales consultants and home party business owners make in their business is lack of follow-up! This deadly mistake is tied to misconception that you are not selling, you are just sharing! Direct Sales is the business. Direct Selling, with they key word being selling is the name of the game. Home parties is the avenue by which these sales are made.

When you consider that you lose 10% of your influence every month that you are not in contact with your clients, this is valuable advice indeed! – Renegade Coach

You have all heard this one before, The fortune is in the Follow – Up! I have a good friend, involved in Mary Kay, a formidable direct selling company. She has been driving a Pink Cadillac longer than I care to remember. But this article is certainly not about Pink Cadillacs, plush velvel seats and cruising down the streets on a Saturday night! What is impressive about this soon to be National sales director is how loyal her customers are to her and her direct sales business. Get this, she has a 90% retention rate going on 21 years!

Want to know the secret to her success? I bet you do! Its’ called follow up and follow through! It is called validation, it is called appreciation! And boy is she good at it! Kudos Nancy Sutherland, Mary-Kay Sales Director!

According to Dun and Bradstreet, the single, most important reason for the failure of businesses in America is lack of sales. And, of course, this refers to resales as well as initial sales. So your job as a direct sales consultant is to create and keep a customer.

No matter how massive or how limited your marketing budget, (by The Way this is a nother deadly home party business mistake, not having a marketing budget) you cannot afford to be without this powerful, inexpensive, relationship building tool. We shall call it a thank you letter and/or thank-you card!

Writing thank you cards and noted need not be an overdrawn process. Thank-you it is said, is the mark of an educated individual.

For the price of a stamp, a card and well written let’s say 25-50 words you stand to make a killing!

Sending business thank you notes is an efficient, inexpensive way to:

1). Turn one-time buyers into loyal lifetime customers. It is also a great way to shorten the intervals between purchases! If you struggle to find thank you messages to write in cards just hop onto the internet, you will find may a template!

2). Business thank you cards or letters will increase your customer referrals. Every bit of business referred costs you nothing in advertising or sales commissions. Now how is that for increasing sales by 50% without increasing your marketing budget?

Direct Sales Marketing Success Tip: When you receive referrals, be sure to send a thank you note as well as a gift! What a lovely way to say thank you and evern better promote your home party company products. Just make the gift appropriate to the recipient.

3). For direct sales business, we all know that the summer months tend to be the slowest. Think of your thank you notes and cards as off season marketing. Hallmark, the card company implemented one such method with outstanding results. They sent out some coupons with their thank you messages and boy they had some of the highest grossing sales in the months of June, July and August and get this for Christmas stuff!

4) Seth Godin, well known author and uber marketer says “ideas that spread, win!” How true. Sending a card or a note is so unconventional you are bound to create a buzz. Now this is what we call word of mouth. Direct Mail messages consistently beat all other marketing avenues. Why? Because direct mail pieces have a long shelf life. I may not act upon it now, but how many of you have kept cards and advertorials with the intention of getting to it only to forget. Then one day you are pleasantly surprised to find it and act upon it immediately? Get the edge over your competition and keep your name in front of decision makers eyes and records.

As Mark Sanborn asserts “The ultimate objective of a business is profit. The primary purpose of a business is to create customers. Profitability without customers is an impossibility. Remember too that your business is about R.O.I

Relationships, Outcomes and Improvements.”


Best Practices for Email Marketing

For most business owners, investing on print or television advertisements seem to be too costly. Thus, most of them also try some innovative methods of marketing their products and services. Aside from maintaining websites, business owners are now trying the effectiveness of email marketing. Apparently, email marketing involves maximizing the advantages of email as a way of reaching existing and potential customers. Email could be used to either update existing customers about the company’s newest offers or inviting potential customers to try the company’s services or products.

While email marketing is relatively an easy and convenient way of promoting products and services, there should still be a set of standard guidelines that must be followed in order to get the maximum benefits from this innovative marketing strategy. Certain aspects of this marketing method shall also be closely examined, such as those concerning (a) list development and (b) campaign execution.

List development

For any email marketing effort, building the email list is crucial. In this marketing method, you should also set a segment of buyers, so you would not waste your time promoting to those who would not be interested on what you are saying. In email marketing, one of the most crucial aspects would be the list of targeted email clients. There is a need to increase your email list for you to reach the most number of people in the market. The more effort you devote in expanding your email list, the more potential customers you can have in the long run. In return, this means expanding your business as a whole.

If you are a newbie, you may not have a concrete idea on how you can develop your email list. You have the option to buy or rent email lists that are widely offered these days. In some cases, you can resort to opt-in email lists that refer to those people who are willing to receive promotional emails from your end. These people are often those who have visited your official business website.

Campaign execution

Aside from the email list, you need to ensure that you are also well-equipped in the actual execution of the email marketing campaign. This is important so that the receivers will not treat your message as spam. Below are some easy to follow reminders that you can apply in executing your email marketing campaign.

  • As much as possible, ask for permission. Remember that not all people are fine with receiving unsolicited emails from strangers. Hence, it is always best to ask if the email owner is willing to receive emails or online newsletters; otherwise, they will consider your email as spam.
  • Explain why customers are getting emails from you. In every email you send, make sure you are explaining to the receivers why they are getting promotional emails from your company. In most cases, business owners use the phrase “you are receiving this email since you signed up at our site’s online newsletter.” This could remind them that they have actually allowed you to send updates and newsletters. This is also important so they would not get annoyed seeing your messages in their inbox.
  • Make your messages effective and focused. If an existing or potential customer indicated that they are more interested about your cookware products, you are making a trouble if you will send those updates about your camping gear products. They will most likely consider your email as mere spam, which only wastes your effort.
  • Be familiar with the regulations concerning email marketing. While there could no specific law about email marketing directly, there are certain state and federal regulations when it comes to sending emails. There is the CAN SPAM Act, which is a set of guidelines that all business owners using email marketing should be familiar with. So get the maximum benefits from email marketing by knowing how to do it right.