Direct Marketing for Big Box Stores Studied

Most large big-box store retailers will send out colorful brochures and catalogs as inserts in the local newspaper on Thursdays and it seems we also see them on Sundays. During the Christmas season we see that many box stores use more than one method of advertising to get customers to come in and entice new customers to come in and have a look see.

As a case study lets discuss direct-mail marketing in those little coupon package that we see for a big-box store retailer. Does it make sense for a big-box store retailer to send out coupons in the little coupon package books to all the homes that are within a 50-mile radius of their store?

It appears that it does make sense and perhaps they can advertise their best deals on three or four types of items that they expect to sell a lot of during the Christmas season. For instants let us talk about Circuit City and Best Buy; it makes sense for these stores to send out direct-mail marketing pieces to the customers within their area or region.

It also makes sense that they send out things like discounts on iPods, laptops, MP3 players and plasma television sets. Why you ask? Well because many people do not take a newspaper, as they will often read the newspaper at their local Starbucks or in the break room at work. Please consider all this in 2006.