Direct Mail Marketing for Local Clientele for Off Season at Resorts

All Big Resorts have peak seasons and during these peak seasons they receive the bulk of their business from very high paying customers. But what can a resort do during the non-peak seasons? It makes sense to fill it up with people and paying customers even if those customers are not amongst the high-roller and high net worth customers.

It is therefore recommended that during the off-season in these resorts that they try to get local clientele to come into their facilities and one of the best ways to do this is by way of direct-mail marketing campaigns that are sent out within a 50 mile radius to all the ZIP codes surrounding the resort area.

This also means that the employees of the resort can be on staff full-time all year round, instead of being laid off half year and then being called back again. If not the employees may have found other jobs and never come back and that causes a problem for the resorts.

It is relatively inexpensive for a big resort to send out a direct-mail marketing piece to all the local clientele and it makes sense that they do this because it also gives them good public relations in the community and the nearby towns and cities. That word-of-mouth advertising travels fast and makes the resort look like a good community player. Please consider all this in 2006.