Direct Mail Marketing for Computer Repair Services

We have all heard of companies like the Geek Squad, they will come to your home and fix your computers or they will come to your office and help you set up your network because you are too stupid to know and do it yourself. If in doubt call the geeks, because they know how to do things that we can’t do. We know it and they know it.

The question then is how do these types of computer repair services advertise and market their business? Well, one great method of advertising for a computer repair service would be direct mail marketing advertising like you see in those little coupon packages that come in the mail. The computer repair service can send out these coupons to zip codes that are within a 20-mile radius of their shop and get plenty of business.

How often should these direct mail marketing pieces for the computer repair services be sent out? I believe it makes sense to send them out once per month or every other month, because it does not cost that much and it is a much-needed service. You just never know when someone is get have a problem with their computer. Let’s face it sooner or later we will all need computer repair services and we need to know how to get a hold of these folks. I hope you will please consider all this in 2006.